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Where more search marketing agencies are offering anything and everything in the digital space, Doyle Digital specialises in just two areas; SEO and AdWords.

This laser focus of these two disciplines has allowed Doyle Digital to become the agency conquering digital marketing freelancer that business owners resort to after they’ve spent thousands with expensive online marketing agencies who were unable to achieve the desired result.

With Doyle Digital, you’re paying for time and expertise only and not a CEO, a Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, Account Manager, Coordinator or the overheads for a fancy, centrally located Perth office. All of the tools and reporting systems that agencies rely on are all third party tools that freelancers such as Doyle Digital have full access to.

Most importantly, no business is “too small to matter”. Every customer is important to Doyle Digital and is treated as such with a close and personal working relationship.

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Google AdWords

If your business needs leads immediately, pay per click advertising on Google delivers results. Highly targeted and sales focused, Doyle Digital hones in on your area, selects the best performing keywords and deliver ad copy that prompts a call to action – maximise your budget and bringing in leads for your business. Whilst the Return on Investment is typically not as large as a matured SEO campaign, AdWords can generate leads for your business immediately and is a great way to approach seasonal markets or to feed some leads to your business whilst you’re waiting for the SEO to take flight.

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When people begin to look for a product or a service, they begin with Google. So is your business discoverable online? A front page organic listing in Google’s search results places your business right in front of curious and purchase ready consumers who want what you offer! These days, being at the top of Google means dominating your competition and pipping them to reach ready to buy customers every time. If you are after a campaign that will deliver excellent long-term return on investment and you have the funds and time to carry your business whilst your website’s rankings build, then SEO is for you.

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Why choose me?

With Doyle Digital, you're accessing the same talent who has created successful digital strategies and achieved outstanding results for The Plumbing And Gas Guys, Dentistry Plus & Door Stop, among a range of other small to medium sized WA businesses. So, whether you're Perth's largest cosmetic surgery clinic or a single bobcat operator, you're able to access that same knowledge and experience.

And with experience at Perth's largest traditional advertising agency, digital advertising agency and media organisation you not only get a wealth of digital marketing expertise, but a wealth of general marketing and advertising advice to help you holistically grow your market reach past what a digital-only approach can do.

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Investing in digital marketing

It is important to be focussed on digital, but it’s also important not be ignorant about digital.

You’ll get some digital marketing and SEO companies telling you that all you need to do to grow your business is to be appearing on the top page of Google. Digital and search marketing is not the silver bullet for your business’ marketing needs, but it’s a hugely important part of your overall marketing mix.

Traditional media still has its place as an effective push strategy to promote your business and even your industry to a wider audience.

But for the consumers who are already in front of their computer, mobile, or tablet actively searching for what you offer or trying to educate themselves on your products/ services – you need to at least be present in order to be considered.

Not every digital solution is right for your business and not every digital agency will be able to tell you that. Most of the time when you’re speaking to a digital agency before you sign up you’re speaking to a Business Development Manager who has never touched a campaign in their life.

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