Solved: Keyword Planner Search Volumes for MCC’s

We all knew that Google was planning to throttle search volume data for low spending accounts.

But none of us thought that those of us running MCC’s with multiple accounts, spending thousands per day collectively, would be impacted.

Yet, if you were like me the other day and went over to do some keyword research – you were greeted with this


So why is this happening?

If you run your accounts off of your clients credit cards (which most of us do), then your MCC in theory spends nothing – you’re a low spending account.

The Solution

What you now have to do is go into one of your clients active accounts, go into the Tools tab at the top and click on Keyword Planner.

We’re doing this because your clients are spending money, so if we access the Keyword Planner from a spending account, you’ll get access to the proper search volumes.


From there you will be using the Keyword Planner as one of your clients and should be able to see accurate search volumes.

Through the testing done so far, we know that the threshold for the veil being lifted on search volumes to be a spend of somewhere between $500 and $2,000 per month.

Did this work for you? I’ve been having mixed feedback where it’s working for some and not for others. Please share your experience in the comments section below.