How Important Is Unique Content for Google?

December 26, 2020
Writing content is hard. So, its natural for people to want to take shortcuts when populating copy for their website. The question is - what can you, and what can't you get away with?

How Long Does Google Ads Take To Work?

April 6, 2020
When investing in any marketing exercise, the idea is to make a return on investment. And, ideally, the sooner the better. But how long does it take to get that return on investment and what does it depend on?

Running Google Ads For Tradies

March 20, 2020
Trades such as plumbing and electrical services can be among the hardest campaigns to run profitably. There are countless competitors all vying for space at the top of Google, everyone is shouting out free quotes and lowest prices and the cost per clicks are seemingly always rising.

Why I Don’t Do Free Proposals Or Audits

March 20, 2020
So, I don’t do these free proposals/audits, for SEO or for Google Ads services. Okay, I may give some feedback over the phone at a quick glance to provide some initial guidance, spot some errors and potential improvements.