How To Stop AdWords Automated Ad Suggestions

27 March, 2018

How To Stop AdWords Automated Ad Suggestions

If you’re like most of the people I spoke to in the industry today, you may have received an e-mail from Google, skim read it and understood that Google are going to start providing recommendations for advert copy.


So, most people assumed this meant that there would be a heap of recommendations in the Opportunities tab just like there is with keywords at the moment.

But no.

As from the 29th of April 2018, Google will suggest these ads to you and if you don’t manually approve or disapprove them in 14 days, they’ll just go ahead and Enable them for you.

Seriously, look below.

Automated Ads Announcement.jpg

Suddenly, not so funny.

Why Not Let Google Try?

Because writing good AdWords adverts that use up all of the real estate whilst being grammatically correct and appealing is a difficult task that most humans can’t get right.

Good ad copy requires thought and some level of strategy.

I heavily doubt that any of these ad suggestions that Google will algorithmically spin up would be any good at all.

Especially if it’s anything like how Google automatically populate meta descriptions for their organic listings.

In fact, here’s a perfect example of exactly how pointless these automated ads can become if you let them run free on your account.

Mowpart Auto Ad Example.jpg

Ad example taken from: Psyberware

“Leaf Blowers Are Powered By Electric Or Gasoline Motors.”

Well…I don’t know about you but I’m sold.

How To Stop These Ads Approving Themselves

Firstly, you need to get out of the good version of AdWords and enter the dreaded Beta zone (the new interface).

Step 1: Enter AdWords Beta

Step 2: Click on “ACCOUNTS” on the left panel then click “MANAGEMENT” on the top bar.


Step 3: Select all the accounts in your list and click “Edit” in the blue bar above.

Step 4: From the drop down box, click “Change ad suggestions settings”.


Step 5: Click the circle next to “Don’t automatically apply suggestions”.

Step 6: Click “APPLY”.


And there you go!

You don’t need to provide any reasons or comments, that’s all optional.

Provided Google don’t sneak any other changes on us before the 29th of April, we shouldn’t have a problem with auto-generated ads populating our AdGroups.

Keep in mind that this only stops automated ad suggestions the accounts you have right now.

Any accounts you create in the future will, by default, have automated ad suggestions turned on.

So, each time you create an account from now on, make sure that you go into its settings and switch off automated ad suggestions.

UPDATE: It’s not a bad idea to periodically check that all of your accounts have automated ad suggestions turned off as I’ve just been told by another agency owner that found some accounts having auto ads turned on despite previously turning them off.