AAA Windscreens and Tinting in Rockingham were already running an AdWords account in house.

Mick from AAA Windscreens realised that his digital presence could be significantly refined with the increasing costs and phone calls increasingly coming from outside his service area and requested professional AdWords management from Doyle Digital.


A properly structured campaign meant getting calls from within his operating area

The Solution

A whole new AdWords structure was developed to ensure that:
Generic searches only came from within his service area.
Searches could be made outside his service area only when the word “Rockingham” was included.
Appearing in a higher/more prominent positions in search results.
The same keywords were being purchased at a cheaper cost per click than before.
Powerful and on-brand remarketing banners that pull visitors back, increasing conversion rates of the campaign overall.

The Results

  • Same amount of calls for half the cost in the first week.
  • Noticeable increase in enquires through phone calls after the first week.
  • Only relevant leads are contacting AAA Windscreens (within the service area).

These results were achieved by utilising the same maximum daily budget that AAA Windscreens were previously using.


Thanks mate, I’m definitely getting more calls and they’re better quality. It’s costing me less too, gotta be happy with that!

Mick Scorio

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