Absolute Cosmetic


With six clinics across the metropolitan area and seven rural locations, Absolute Cosmetic are both the leading and most well-known providers of cosmetic surgery in Perth.

Dr Glenn Murray has been a full-time cosmetic doctor for nearly 20 years and was one of the first in Australia with a full-time cosmetic practice. He graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.

Thanks to an excellent track record and the wealth of experience that comes with being one of the first full time cosmetic clinics in Western Australia, Absolute Cosmetic has firmly established itself as the clinic of choice to for Western Australians who want to “Stay Home and Stay Safe”.

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There's a reason absolute cosmetic now receive more enquiries at a significantly lower cost through adwords

The Brief

Absolute Cosmetic previously had their AdWords campaigns managed in house.

Whilst there was some good response from the campaign, it was clearly not being managed by a dedicated AdWords specialist.

Ads had not been reviewed in a long period and the inconsistent structure of the account showed clearly that over time, multiple marketing managers had attempted to maintain the AdWords presence.


The Solution

The existing account structure was heavily analysed to capture what was working and what irrelevant search terms were coming through.

Then, a completely new structure was implemented to ensure it was easy to analyse the performance of various categories at a glance, everything made sense and all keywords were matching to their intended AdGroups, keywords and ads.

With full conversion tracking implemented throughout the website, including call tracking, allowing us to pinpoint what elements of the account were providing leads and which ones needed to be cut.


Over the last six months of working with Doyle Digital, Absolute Cosmetic have enjoyed

  • Full tracking of all conversion coming online from booking forms to phone calls
  • Significantly more leads each month
  • Lower cost per leads than what was ever registered previously over any period in the AdWords account
  • Reduction in overall spend without losing opportunity, allowing for the leftover budget to be reallocated to other advertising avenues

Ready to get started?

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