Allure Painting


Allure Painting are Perth’s trusted team of residential and commercial painters who are backed by years of experience and a passion for high quality work that will stand the test of time.

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Allure Painting are Perth’s trusted team of residential and commercial painters

The Brief

Allure Painting, like many businesses, had become reliant on the work that AdWords can bring in.

However, increased competition and higher bids to maintain presence on the top of Google’s search engine results pages meant that their existing AdWords campaign, which was once bringing in leads at a profitable cost, was now struggling to pay for itself.


The Solution

Once call tracking and form tracking was correctly implemented onto the website – a thorough analysis of what had been working and what hadn’t was carried out along.

A brand new account was created with the goal to spend less and earn more. The things that worked from the previous account were carried over with all the fat pre-trimmed along with new opportunities introduced, ready to be tested.

High volume keywords that were presumed to be bringing in work due to the amount of clicks they brought in, such as [painters perth], if they were not providing a solid return on investment.


Through ruthless and continual optimisation of the account, Allure Painting now enjoy.

  • Full tracking of all conversion coming online from booking forms to phone calls, knowing exactly how much work each keyword and ad is bringing in
  • Significantly more leads each month
  • Lower cost per leads than what was ever registered previously over any period in the AdWords account
  • Providing a safer investment allowing Allure Painting to increase their budget in AdWords knowing the additional cost will provide a greater return.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to talk about your overall marketing mix and how digital can fit your business with someone who is building, managing, and optimising digital campaigns on a daily basis – then get in touch.