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Google Ads and website converting up to 40% of traffic.

Ranking on page 1 of Google for "painters perth" and other relevant keywords.

New design attracted better qualified, resulting in higher success rates on winning quotes.


Words from the client

“Not only are we getting more leads but we're winning more quotes. Before, we'd win maybe 3/10 quotes from the old website. Now we're winning more like 7/10 quotes.”

- Nick Mojahed

About Allure Painting

If you’re getting a bunch of quotes from painters around Perth, chances are that Allure Painting will be one of the more expensive quotes that you get back.

And that’s for good reason. It’s all the little extra steps in surface preparation, paint application and cleaning that Allure Painting do and simply couldn’t be done if they were to compete with quotes at the lower end of the market.

The problem with the previous website was the cheap and cheerful look, from the logo to the general styling and language used in the website.

So, creating a website that properly showcased what Allure Painting was vital to connecting them with the marketing that they’re actually aiming for.

Understanding the market

It was vital to get as much information as possible about Allure Painting’s previous encounters with their ideal customer and the type of questions that they would normally ask in order to proceed.

When researching the market, and learning about Allure Painting’s customers, it became clear that a lot of common concerns were not being addressed on the previous website.

  • Do you provide all the preparation for the walls/ceilings? Or do I have to hire a plasterer, too?
  • Are you fully insured?
  • Do you use contractors? Or are all of your workers your own employees?
  • Do you offer any warranty on your work?

Addressing all of these concerns effectively would help Allure Painting secure more leads through the website.​​​​​


Executing the design

A lot of painting websites like to use a lot of graphics and design elements of paint strokes, drips or splashes.

The websites looked like a painting job in progress, and a messy one at that.

We wanted our website visitors to envision a clean, professional and finished product.

Whilst not as aggressively geared towards conversions as other Doyle Digital website, there was more emphasis on selling the value of Allure Painting’s services.

  • Full surface preparation included
  • Flawless finish, every time
  • We keep everything clean
  • Free, fixed price quotes

It was important for people to see some of the work that Allure Painting had completed in the past to get an idea of the standard of their workmanship.


Every bit of a website has to sell.

We didn’t want customers going off to a Gallery page that wasn’t geared to convert like each internal page was.

We wanted to keep website visitors exactly on the page that they asked for and landed on (someone who searches Google for a commercial painter will naturally be taken to the commercial painting page).

That way, the message can remain tailored to that type of customer.

SEO wasn’t an afterthought

Nearly a decade of experience in SEO goes into a Doyle Digital website as standard.

Full keyword research, copywriting and site planning is conducted before any website is designed to ensure each website is more than just SEO-ready on launch.

Every website is different

Each website is designed and structured to meet each business’ needs.

Because each business is displaying different unique selling points and speaking to different markets, no two websites should look the same.

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