Proven results

New website immediately increased conversion rates from Google ads from ~17% to ~30%.


Words from the client

“Andrew has been looking after our Google Ads for years and it was an easy choice to trust him with the website – but we were blown away with how detailed he was in making sure our customers knew what we were all about as soon as they came to the website.”

- Tammy Fernihough

About Brick and Mortar Restoration

Brick and Mortar Restoration have produced some of WA’s most impressive building restorations including the Guildford Hotel, Geraldton Club and The White Star Hotel in Albany.

However, Brick and Mortar Restoration also rely heavily on lots of smaller jobs from the general public and the old website was very good at making B&MR look like they only did the big stuff.

There were also some very large Unique Selling Points, such as 60+ years’ experience and a 10% price beat guarantee that were not prominently displayed on the website.

Understanding the market

Most homeowners with little jobs want to know they’re hiring someone with a wealth of experience who will do the job properly, but don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

The other market that we wanted to capitalise on were property managers. We needed to let them know that they could quickly and efficiently get quotes quickly for a range of small works.


Executing the design

Immediately on the home page we show that Brick and Mortar Restoration services both ends of the market, the big stuff, and the small stuff.

This is a way to show off Brick and Mortar Restorations high competencies without alienating the residential market.


Every bit of a website has to sell.

Whichever page website visitors landed on or ventured to, we made sure that their main unique selling points were prominent:

  • 60 years’ experience
  • 10% price beat guarantee
  • WA-wide service

We also made sure that Brick and Mortar Restoration’s thorough prep, workmanship and clean-up process was communicated on every page, too.

SEO wasn’t an afterthought

Nearly a decade of experience in SEO goes into a Doyle Digital website as standard.

Full keyword research, copywriting and site planning is conducted before any website is designed to ensure each website is more than just SEO-ready on launch.

Every website is unique

Each website is designed and structured to meet each business’ needs.

Because each business is displaying different unique selling points and speaking to different markets, no two websites should look the same.

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