Dentistry plus

Dentistry Plus was established in 2010 and today has three clinics in Joondalup, Leeming and Maddington providing the community with affordable dental care with a special focus on cosmetic and family dentistry.

Determined to become the leading dentist in Perth, Doyle Digital was approached with the goal to dominate the dentistry field in the digital space.


When Dentistry plus started adwords 30% of clicks turned into enquiries and every click now costs less


Lucas from Dentistry Plus already had a decent AdWords campaign set up from his Melbourne-based AdWords provider, but wanted to bring on someone who is locally based and who understands Perth’s suburbs, their presence of competing dentists and as well as their economic differences and suitability for search targeting.



Utilising the existing data in the account, a new Doyle Digital style campaign structure was implemented to take things to the next level with meticulous attention to detail given to each practice, their surrounding suburbs and how they were to be targeted.

Ensuring that the phone calls and website forms were being properly attributed to the AdWords campaign was crucial to having eyes on where the profitable sectors of the campaign.

It didn’t take long to realise that there was a mobile traffic was dominating desktop devices for conversion data, so the campaign was structured to show large preference to mobile devices without wiping out Dentistry Plus’ search presence on desktops. Because some suburbs still drove healthy conversions through desktop traffic, the account was restructured to allow mobile device bias to vary greatly throughout the account.

Adverts were constructed to provide as much transparency to the user as possible and discouraging clicks from non-genuine traffic. This advert for the keyword Dentist Craigie, for example, attempts to capitalise on hyper-local search queries whilst clearly communicating the nearest Dentistry Plus clinic is in fact in Joondalup.


  • 122.73% increase in converted clicks in the first fortnight, compared with the previous fortnight (and growing!)
  • A highly efficient 25.7% conversion rate of all paid leads compared to 6.8% conversion of organic leads
  • More than 95% of conversions came from non-branded keywords, meaning that most leads generated are new customers
  • Since working with Doyle Digital, Dentistry Plus has since opened two new full-time clinics in Leederville and Kwinana.


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