Direct Mechanical Solutions Perth is Matthew Negus, a fully qualified mobile mechanical servicing and repairing for cars, forklifts, construction machinery of all different makes and models across the Perth metropolitan area.


A well structured Ad campaign meant delivering the right people every day to the website


Like anyone skilled person going into business for themselves, Matthew had the technical capabilities covered but was struggling to generate more customers, and the right type of customers to his business.

With some success in trying out AdWords Express, Matthew called Doyle Digital to supercharge his AdWords campaign and get the absolute most out of his advertising dollars.



Focusing only on the mobile aspect of the business along with search queries for repairs that one would make when suddenly stranded, the AdWords campaign became highly relevant to those who were stumbling across DMS Perth’s ads.

Ensuring the right type of customer was essential. Whilst DMS Perth is no more expensive than going to a garage, the business didn’t want to attract people who were shopping around purely on price and didn’t see the value in the extra time and care taken on each job to do things right.


  • Immediate impact with an influx of calls starting from day 1
  • Significant increase in 1 week after identifying non-performing AdGroups and Keywords
  • Able to decrease the spend whilst maintaining the steady flow of enquiries
  • Leads generated were high value clients with ads deterring the pure price shoppers


Mate, you’re a magician. Whatever you’ve done it has completely changed my business. Thank you.

Matthew Negus, Direct Mechanical Solutions

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