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Drive Perth are the leading Perth driving school in the metropolitan area, offering a friendly, patient and innovative approach to driver education that gets students ready for their driving tests quicker, and passing them the first time around.

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When Drive Perth Started Adwords 25% of traffic turned into enquiries in the first month

The Brief

Whilst Drive Perth was already a strong and thriving Perth driving school, their instructors in Bentley and Morley weren’t quite getting as much work distributed to them as the other instructors were.

The ability to geo-target in AdWords made the platform the ideal solution to drive business to the instructors who needed it most.


The Solution

The biggest competitive advantage that Drive Perth has in the market is that students can begin their lessons from as little as $35 for 2 Lessons (or the first hour free).

This naturally was the main selling point of the ads, ensuring that learner drivers searching for an instructor couldn’t miss this offer, leading to a very strong Click Through Rate despite never bidding high enough to be 1st position for any keywords.

Each area that we were driving business towards was broken down into two different types of campaigns:

Perth Wide: Anyone in the Perth metropolitan area searching for a driving instructor in Morely or Bentley would be able to see the ad, so long as the word “morley” or “bentley” accompanied the search.

Local Radius: We didn’t want to miss out on the Perth or non-geo-targeted search terms, so we set up a tight radius around both Morley and Bentley so that people searching for “driving instructors perth” or “driving schools”, for example, would be able to see Drive Perth’s ads provided they were in that small local radius.

The Results

In just one month, Drive Perth enjoyed obtaining leads at a highly profitable rate.

  • A shade under 25% of all AdWords clicks turned into genuine business leads
  • Despite a strong campaign set-up, the cost per conversion was halved after the first week

We’ve definitely felt the impact this month and have been very busy as a result of it. We’re really happy with the work you’ve done. – Steve Kolb, Drive Perth

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