Fleetsu is Australia’s leading enterprise Telematics software solution for large fleets, heavy machinery and mining vehicles.

Being one of the few telematics providers who sell, own and manage their software, the offering is completely unique, with Fleetsu working hard to develop more industry-leading features with each update that the businesses who rely on Fleetsu need to stay on top of compliance, maintenance, location and mileage.


When Fleetsu started adwords They started getting better leads and booked more work


Fleetsu were previously running their own AdWords campaign.

Whilst they were getting some leads, the campaign seemed to attract a lot of enquiries from individuals and small to medium-sized businesses who Fleetsu’s solutions are not tailored for.



Along with extremely careful keyword selection and negative keywords lists to ensure only relevant search queries would be served our ads, the adverts themselves were made to be extremely clear that Fleetsu was not general consumer product and that it is a tailored enterprise solution.


Working with Doyle Digital’s AdWords Management, Fleetsu started to enjoy:

  • Reduction in wasted spend and unrelated enquiries
  • Attract the right type of customers that Fleetsu’s software was designed for
  • Secured major contracts through the AdWords campaign

“We have noticed an overall drop in enquiries since starting with Doyle Digital. However, the enquiries that we do get now are much better quality. They’re exactly the type of customers that we were looking for. We’re getting hotter leads coming in, booking more and securing better quality contracts”.

Jakub Felinski – Fleetsu

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