The Jolimont Half Price Lattice store’s online presence was suffering.

Even a direct search for Half Price Lattice Jolimont produced their direct competitor’s listing first. This naturally lead to market confusion and lost work; something needed to be done.

HALF PRICE LATTICE_introduction.jpg

When you search lattice Perth on Google There's a reason half price lattice are 1st

The Solution

Firstly, we had to ensure that a search for Half Price Lattice came up with the Jolimont store to capitalise on a brand reputation that had been built in the WA community since 1988.

Secondly, it was essential to capitalise on active, in-market consumers looking for lattice products online.

The Results

  • Multiple #1 Rankings
  • 302% increase of organic traffic after just 2 months.
  • Noticeable increase in calls and walk ins from customers saying they saw the website


Half Price Lattice continue to enjoy dominant rankings on most search terms related to lattice, even outranking the major Australian warehouse chains for locally searched lattice products.

Thanks heaps mate, I felt like things were a mess before you came and fixed everything up. Really glad I found an honest guy to sort all of this out.

Yaebiyo Araya, Half Price Lattice

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