Ink Warehouse


Ink Warehouse, a small printer ink catridge stand situated in Whitfords City, wanted to push online sales through their new e-Commerce store Australia-wide.

After getting unreasonably expensive e-Commerce PPC management quotes from a handfull of digital marketing agencies, they turned to Doyle Digital for a efficient and cost-effective solution.


Ink Warehouse saw a 550% ROAS through their Google Shopping campaign

The Solution

Firstly, Ink Warehouse's inventory had to be synchronised through Google Merchant Centre and then through to their Google AdWords account which was all included in their monthly management fees with no extra set-up costs.

Once everything was set up and ready to go, the Google Shopping campaign was launched.

Every product was scrutinised for performance. If it a product was not selling well, it was not being pushed through the campaign.

Regular feedback was also given to Ink Warehouses over what ink cartridges were getting large search volumes and clicks, with no conversions. This gave them the ability to either reassess the pricing of the cartridges to improve sales or to not bother advertising those particular cartridges.

The Results

  • A consistent 550% return on advertising spend (ROAS) from Google Shopping.
  • A large portion of customers aquired through Google Shopping turning into repeat customers, creating a greater lifetime customer value than just the initial ROAS.
  • Indirectly attributed to a 150% increase in Organic traffic in 4 months.
  • Budgets regularly re-assed and increased quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic to capitalise on the soaring market demand for printer ink.

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