Karrinyup wellness centre


Karrinyup Wellness Centre provide a unique and holistic approach to everyday health with a team of highly experienced chiropractors, naturopaths and massage therapists offering alternative treatments to chronic back and neck pain.

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When Karrinyup Wellness Centre started adwords There's a reason 20% of traffic turned into enquiries


Existing efforts to grow their customer based were extremely time-consuming and costly. Karrinyup Wellness Centre were looking for inbound enquiries to for new customers so their practitioners could focus on what they do best.



An AdWords campaign was set up to target anyone looking for chiropractic services in Karrinyup and its surrounding suburbs as well as a second campaign to target broader searches for chiropractors within a tight radius around the practice.

A display campaign was also utilised around the small radius around the clinic focussing on brand awareness, helping generate more branded searches and breaking down resistance to converting when locals would find Karrinyup Wellness Centre’s ads through a Google search.


After a slow initial month, we hit a sweet spot during the second month of running the campaign. The campaign is now generating a high number of chiropractic leads month after month. And thanks to Karrinyup Wellness Centre’s excellent retention, these leads not only turn into on-going customers but also become great source for more referrals.

From starting with Doyle Digital, Karrinyup Wellness Centre has enjoyed:

  • 20% conversion rate from all AdWords traffic.
  • Highly relevant leads with the majority materialising into bookings.
  • A month on month decrease in ad spend and cost per conversions.
  • Significant boost in branded searches thanks to a highly local display campaign around the clinic.

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