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Lavish Limousines are one of the best value for money limousine hire services in Perth, with prices starting as low as $195 per hour for access to any one of their vehicles in a uniquely customised fleet of stretch Chrysler 300C limousines which all feature fully opening rear bridal doors for elegant and easy access.

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When Lavish Limousines started adwords where a reason 30% of traffic turned into enquiries

The Brief

Whilst Lavish Limousines were already running an AdWords campaign, it was eating into a fair chunk of profit in each job and also attracting a fair amount of tyre-kickers.


The Solution

The standard meticulous AdWords setup from Doyle Digital was implemented and immediately provided a better response. Whilst, initially, the number of enquiries was about the same, the purchase-intent of these enquiries were much stronger resulting in more closed sales than before.

The Doyle Digital standard of complete enquiry tracking both through the website and through phone calls was essential to making aggressive changes within the account to ensure that we were getting leads for as little money as absolutely possible.

Whilst Lavish Limousines are super competitive on pricing, there are a lot of people who search for limousine hire that wouldn’t be okay with paying at least $195 per hour for a vehicle. Having the price present in the headline of the adverts allowed us to save money by deterring those search users from clicking on the ads.

Running an AdWords campaign in the limousine hire industry clearly needed even more dedication to the ongoing management as there were big-money keywords that were clearly the target of anti-competitive behaviour (constant clicks running up our media spend).


In just a few months, Lavish Limousines is enjoying an SEM campaign that delivers:

  • 30% of clicks converting into real business leads
  • Each lead of better quality and more likely to turn into a sale
  • A continuing trend of each lead costing less to acquire each month

Andrew is an absolute professional at what he does! He actions queries immediately, is thorough, and friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Damian Comito – Lavish Limousines

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