The Plumbing And Gas Guys

With 25 plumbers and gas-fitters, The Plumbing And Gas Guys are one of the biggest plumbing and gas-fitting company in Perth.

The Plumbing And Gas Guys

The Brief

Feeding such a large business with enough work, day in and day out, is no easy task. Whilst The Plumbing And Gas Guys had the advantage of having a healthy marketing budget; getting the wrong person to manage that spend can result in a lot of waste in a short amount of time.

For this reason, the expertise of Doyle Digital was called in to audit the existing AdWords campaign and develop a strategy to improve efficiencies, bringing in more leads to the business for a lower cost per acquisition.

The Solution

A new campaign was created from scratch to ensure everything was done right from start to finish.

A lot of effort went into ensuring ad relevancy, particularly on a local level, ensuring that all suburb type searches were served a suburb specific advert.

Ensuring that The Plumbing And Gas Guys were a well-known brand that the general public trusted and knew of before even making their way onto the website was critical to the long-term growth of the business and to increase conversions through non-branded searches.

An extensive display campaign was utilised to ensure that The Plumbing And Gas Guys’ brand was present on as many well-known and relevant local websites that utilised Google AdSense.


The Plumbing And Gas Guys, spending the amount that is necessary to fuel a team of 25 plumber and gas-fitters across Perth, noticed a tremendous and immediate impact on the business and were enjoying:

  • Cost per leads halved after just the first month of management
  • Better quality leads through strategic positioning and messaging
  • Elimination of click fraud from competitors trying to exhaust their budget each day, clicking on The Plumbing And Gas Guys’ ads

Where larger plumbing companies in Perth have struggled to keep the doors open due to ever-tougher market conditions, The Plumbing And Gas Guys continue to thrive thanks to a well-managed and optimised AdWords campaign.

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