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WA Legal is a Perth law firm who offer a range of legal expertise in probate, criminal, personal injury and family law at a fair and affordable price so that anyone who is in need legal representation is able to access it.

WA Legal Pty Ltd


After gaining a lot of ground initially from their former SEO agency, WA Legal found themselves unable to move up from the bottom of page one and the top of page 2 on Google for a handful of key search queries.

In the fiercely competitive legal services field, they needed a fresh set of eyes to look over the website for areas of improvement for SEO purposes.


The fresh approach to content writing, some slight structural changes and a slow but steady backlink building campaign was implemented.

Patience was needed with this project in order to move upwards in an extremely competitive field whilst ensuring that all strategies implemented both on and off-site would be effective in the long term, not just now.


After just four months, WA Legal was starting to enjoy:

  • First page rankings making their way from the bottom half of the page, to the top half
  • Targeted keywords entering the first page for the first time
  • A noticeable increase in organic traffic and enquiries
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